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Early Symptoms of Dementia

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It can be frightening when your loved one may have dementia, and you may be unsure how to handle it. Here are some signs to look for if you believe someone you care about may be developing dementia.
Short-Term Memory Loss
The first sign to look for is short-term memory changes that may not be obvious at first. This includes cases such as forgetting events of earlier that day, forgetting where they left an item and forgetting what they were supposed to do that day.
Inability to Communicate Thoughts
Another early sign is struggling to communicate thoughts. When a person with dementia is trying to explain something they may fail to find the right words and the conversation may take longer.
Changes in Mood
Changes in mood are also an indicator of dementia. The patient may shift in personality, such as changing from shy to outgoing. Apathy, or lack of interest, may also occur. They can even lose interest in hobbies or in seeing their family.
Dementia is a serious illness that should be caught as early as possible to help slow the changes that come with it. If you suspect a loved one may have dementia, use a tactful approach to convince them to be evaluated by a medical professional so that they can start treatment. If you are looking for assisted care for a relative that has dementia, contact St. Francis Assisted Care today.

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