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How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Residence for Your Parent with Alzheimer's

Are you looking for an assisted living facility to care for your parent with Alzheimer's disease? Finding the best match for your parent will take a little research and legwork. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to make sure you choose the right residence for your parent.

Create an Initial Checklist

To start the process of finding the right assisted living facility for your parent's needs, take the time to sit down and make a thorough checklist of all the things you want to learn about the facilities you'll be considering. Here are some important questions to incorporate into your checklist:
  • What amenities and community facilities are located nearby?
  • What are the crime rate statistics for the neighborhood?
  • What kind of emergency care is available on-site?
  • What kind of payments are accepted for services?
  • Are any measures taken to keep patients with Alzheimer's safe from the dangers of wandering?
  • Is the entire facility wheelchair accessible?
  • Is transportation to doctor appointments, stores and community events available?
In addition to creating a checklist of specific questions you might have about the assisted living facilities you are looking into, include a list of features you and your parent would like to see at the facility you choose for them. Some of the features to look for include:
  • Pet-friendly policies
  • Multiple common areas
  • A high staff-to-patient ratio
  • Restaurant-style dining options
  • Activity planning and management
Your parent needs to be a part of the checklist-making process so that they can maintain a sense of independence and feel good about playing an active role in the decision-making process.

Schedule an On-Site Tour

After creating a checklist, it's not enough to just call prospective care facilities to have your questions and concerns addressed. Make it a priority to schedule an on-site tour of each facility you are interested in so you can see what each of them has to offer. Each tour you take should include:
  • The opportunity to have breakfast or lunch with the residents.
  • The chance to spend some time in personal living quarters. The ability to participate in at least one community activity.
  • Access to health care, beauty salon, massage and other facilities that are located on the grounds.
You and your parent should also have the opportunity to sit down and meet with several members of the staff so any lingering questions can be addressed in person. That way, you can also ensure that your parent and the people working at the facility will get along well together.

Request Family Input

It's important to make sure that family members are comfortable with the assisted living facility you choose for your parent. If your family is on board with your choice, they will be more likely to visit your parent and play an active role in their overall care. Take the time to poll family members about prospective assisted living facilities to find out what they think about each one.
They might bring up points that you haven't thought of, so you can consider them before making a final decision. Family opinions may also reinforce any thoughts you already have about a particular facility. Overall, getting input from your family members should provide you with a different perspective that helps ensure that nothing important is overlooked during the decision-making process.
Take the time to contact the friendly staff at St. Francis Assisted Care today and schedule a tour of our facility. We'd love to meet you and your parent and give you an insider's look at how we can make life more comfortable and convenient for everyone in the family.

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