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Top Four Signs of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that gradually destroys thinking and memory skills. With irreversible Alzheimer’s, people afflicted with it eventually lose the ability to carry out simple tasks. Learn more about the warning signs of Alzheimer’s:
Memory Loss
This is the most common sign of Alzheimer’s. People may forget recently learned information or even important dates and events. Asking for the same information repeatedly is another signal, as is needing to rely on memory aids, such as electronic devices and notes.
Trouble with Planning or Solving Problems
Another sign is when someone becomes unable to work with numbers or create a plan. Things someone used to be able to easily do become more difficult and challenging, such as tracking monthly bills or following a recipe.
Time or Place Confusion
Losing track of dates or seasons is something else to notice. If people don’t understand that something is immediately happening or even forget where they are and how they arrived at a place, those are other telltale indications.
Problems with Words
If someone is struggling with writing or speaking and can’t follow or join a conversation, that’s a warning. Trouble with vocabulary, stopping in a middle of a conversation or repeating themselves are associated problems.
You may be asking, “Why do people get Alzheimer's?” To learn more about the signs of this disease, contact St. Francis Assisted Care.

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